History and Development of ice lolly

ice lolly
ice lolly

Ice lolly, a frozen confection on a stick. The term ice lolly is used primarily in the United Kingdom, equivalent to the American term “popsicle”, we can also call it “stick ice cream”, “ice lollipop”, or “ice pop”.

Frozen ice desserts date back as far back as ancient Rome! The ancient Romans had blocks of ice carried down from the mountains in the summer. The blocks were ground into crushed ice that was flavored with fruit and syrup. The Chinese are credited with the same practice, and these sherbets, sorbets, and frozen ices were served in the thirteenth century court of Kublai Khan when the Italian adventurer Marco Polo visited. Other ancient cultures including those of Turkey, Persia (now Iran), the Arabian Peninsula, and India also knew of frozen, flavored ices. They were usually a privilege of the wealthy and were made of ice, fruit pulp, fruit syrup, and flowers for flavor, fragrance, and color. Frozen treats were served to honor guests at banquets or to cleanse the palate between courses, as sorbets are still used today.

In the sixteenth century, Catherine de Medicis, the Italian-born wife of French King Henry 11, brought recipes for frozen ices from Italy and introduced the concept of freezing the ices artificially by plunging their containers into icy brine. The next major landmark in the development of frozen novelties occurred in three capital cities-Paris, London, and New York-in the 1820s. Street vendors sold ice cream and penny ices (frozen ice dollops, rather like small snow cones) that were held on tiny glass goblets. The customer bought an ice for a penny and ate it directly from the goblet (without any stick or spoon), and the vendor recycled the goblet for the next customer.

But, these treats didn’t have a handle like the ice lolly we eat today, commonly known as popsicles. The invention of the ice lolly with a handy stick can be credited to a man named Frank Epperson. In 1905 an 11-year-old Epperson accidentally left a glass of water, powdered soda, and a wooden stirring stick outside overnight. When he found it in the morning the mixture was frozen solid. He pulled the frozen mixture out of the cup and realized he had a delicious refreshing treat on his hands!

Stick ice cream machine is used to make ice lolly with various flavor. The system may produce variety of ice lolly whose surface is smooth, which has good taste with special flavor. This good-quality device is convenient to operate regulate, By using different apparatuses for grouting paste, one can change the sort of products quickly produce many kinds of ice lolly, with chocolate coating or without ice cream. The series multipurpose ice cream machine which is designed, made in accordance with your requirements will contribute to the rise in quality of ice cream to satisfy customer need.


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