Ice Cream around the World-Iran


Iran, also known as Persia is a country in Western Asia.

As early as 400 B.C., in Persia, people already enjoyed a chilled product that was like a pudding made with rosewater and vermicelli. They also had the Persian rosewater that was usually served between wafers just like our modern funwich or panwich. These products were only served in the royal table mostly during summer. The Persians during that time were already knowledgeable about refrigeration. Ice was brought down from high mountains and stored in tall refrigerated buildings called yakhchals, which were kept cool by windcatchers. To flavor, the ice was mixed with fruits, saffron and other flavorings.

Today, people enjoys its newly invented ice cream made from starch, which is called “Fālūde” (Persian: فالوده) or “Pālūde” (Persian: پالوده). It is a traditional dessert in Iran and Afghanistan. It was brought to the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal period. There is also a drink called faloodeh, but it is made using other ingredients.


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