7 Tips about Freezer Maintenance

Freezer Maintenance
Freezer Maintenance

We need to use freezer to save ice cream, So freezer maintenance is important. How to properly maintain your freezer? It is a critical question.

A freezer require maintenance in periodic and frequent intervals. The frequency of intervals is dependent upon the freezers usage, it’s general location, and the environment it is kept. Regardless, maintenance should be scheduled: annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Here are seven common and easy maintenance tips:

1. Review your freezer user manual for care instructions.

2. For optimum efficiency, Avoid placing a freezer in a space where the temperatures are likely to drop below the freezing mark, and keep the freezer away from direct sunlight.

3. The condensing unit must be cleaned on a regular and consistent basis.

4. Keep the interior clean. Use a damp rag and a small amount of dish detergent to clean the interior. To clean the door seal, wrap a credit card in a cloth, dip it in detergent, and glide it into the grooves.

5. Periodically check the thermostat of freezer. Maintain the proper temperature. If there does not have a thermostat, use a thermometer to check the temperature. Adjust the freezer control as needed.

6. Check the door gasket (seal) for wear. The gasket keeps cool air inside of the freezer and warm air outside of it. A worn and torn gasket requires the freezer to use more energy to do its job. Fortunately, replacing a gasket is inexpensive and easy.

7. Check over the fans and lights(if it has) inside the cabinet. Usually, we get machines in and quickly are able to discern how well a machine was cared for or neglected simply by how clean (or dirty) the lights and evaporator (upper-inside the cabinet) fans are.



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