Ice Cream around the World-Argentina


Helado is a Spanish word for ice cream. The most traditional Argentine helado is very similar to Italian gelato, rather than US-style ice cream, and it has become one of the most popular desserts in Argentine. Lots of people think that Argentina ice cream is delicious enough to compete with the likes of Spain and Italy.

While industrial ice cream exists in Argentina, it can be found in supermarkets, kiosks or restaurants, and ice cream pops are sold on some streets and at the beaches. The most famous manufacturers in Argentine are “Freddo,” “Chungo,” “Persicco,” and “Munchi’s,” ,and all of them located in Buenos Aires. Each city has its own heladerías (ice cream parlours) which offer different varieties of creamy and water-based ice creams, including both standard and regional flavours. But the most traditional and popular one in Argentina is dulce de leche. If you have ever been to Argentina, or simply tasted dulce de leche, this shouldn’t surprise you.

The ice cream cone and cups are serious business in Argentina. There are so many different ice cream receptacles to choose from. When you ordering a scoop (or several) ice ceam, you will often be asked “vasito o cucurucho?”. It is a complicated question.


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