recipe of “Helado de dulce de leche”

Helado de dulce de leche
Helado de dulce de leche

Lots of people think that Argentina ice cream is delicious enough to compete with the likes of Spain and Italy. The most traditional and popular ice cream in Argentina is dulce de leche. Today let’s try this delicious ice cream.

What we need:

3 cups milk
1 and 1/2 cup heavy cream
4 eggs, yolks only
1/2 cup sugar

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

1. Mix the milk and cream in a pot, and heat over medium heat until bubbles form around the edges. Remove the pot from heat.  Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks and sugars together in a large bowl, until the sugars are incorporated and the mixture is frothy.  Add the warm milk to the sugar mixture slowly, and whisking continuously.

2. Return the mixture to the pot and heat over medium heat and stirring with a wooden spoon until the mixture thickens slightly and coats the back of the spoon.  If the egg starts to get lumpy, it indicates that the heat is too hot!  Remove the pot from heat immediately.

3. Strain the mixture through a fine strainer or sieve into a bowl.  Cover and put it in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.  Pour the mixture into an ice cream machine and freeze according to the instructions of manufacturer.  Transfer to a sealed container and freeze until firm. (If it gets too hard, bring it down to the fridge to soften).

4. Add the dulce de leche. Put one layer (several scoops) of the helado base and a layer of dulce de leche on top.  Put another layer of of the helado base and mix together by making a figure 8 pattern with a spatula.  Alternatively, drizzle the dulce de leche over the top.

Now we can enjoy it!


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