Three Factors Influencing the Quality of Ice Cream Cones

ice cream cones
ice cream cones

What makes an ice cream cone a high quality ice cream cone? There are mainly three factors.

1. Shapes and patterns. The shapes and patterns affect baking characteristics. The finished cone should be uniform in color as well as shiny on the outside. It should bake uniformly so that all sides (including the flat bottom) are thoroughly cooked. The size is important because cones are expected to hold single, double, and triple scoops. The first scoop has to fill the cone and weight the bottom without vanishing completely into the cone, and the third scoop should not overpower the cone and cause it to break or tip too easily. The filled cone should look equally appetizing whether it has one, two, or three flavors atop it.

2. Strength. Strength is an important characteristic, not only to the consumer who holds it. Cones must withstand prefilling in the factory if they are used for frozen treats. Unfilled cones have to be packed together by mechanical devices. The cones must “nest” (fit one inside another) neatly to allow efficient packing. Minimal packing materials are used to cushion the cones, mainly because of cost.

3. Taste. Taste is the key factor. Cake cones should be crisp instead of spongy and tasty like a mild cereal. Waffle cones should be crunchy and sweet but not too hard or over-powering in sugar content. The ice cream is the featured food, and the cone must complement its quality.

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