Ice cream novelties production-Molded Novelties

stick ice cream
stick ice cream

Ice cream novelties acquire their shape from a mold or form. We can call them molded novelty items. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours, colours, and etc.

In ice cream plant, ice cream or mix is filled in molds, and then frozen further. The products are then demolded (removed from the mold) and enrobed in or coated, and be packed with ice cream packing machine. Generally, most molded products are stick products. Stick is inserted into the semifrozen(partially hardened) product in a mold, and then after hardening is complete, removal of the ice cream from the mold by the stick. When such a product is demolded the stick serves as a means of holding the product while eating.

Equipment that manufactures molded novelties can be straight line or rotary machines. In a straight line machine, for example Linear stick ice cream machine, there is a linear array of molds. Molds can be easily changed. Straight line machines occupy more floor space, are easier to clean and sanitize but the water use is greater as is the waste generation. In rotary machines, for example rollo moulded stick ice cream machine, molds are arranged radially on a large circular wheel. This configuration uses less floor space than straight line machines, but cleaning of the rotary machine is more difficult and mold changes are time consuming.



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