Ice Cream Molds

ice cream molds
ice cream molds

Ice cream has different shapes. A rabbit shape, a spaceship shape, even a corn shape. Most of ice cream molds are made of special alloys (for example Stainless Steel) that have good heat transfer capacity, mechanical durability, resistance to brine, and resistant to corrosion from cleaning and sanitizing. Some ice cream molds can also be made from plastics which have particular advantages in threedimensional effects. Generally, molds are 0.75 in (0.22 mm) thick, and volumes of molds vary from 1.8 fl oz (50 mL) to 2.8 fl oz (75 mL).

In order to improve the accuracy, we use computer to design the volumes of mold cup. And assemble the mold cup with a computerized welding robotic. Laser cutting to ensure precise on size. Then the completed molds are electro polished. To adapt to different machines, there are linear machine molds and rotary machine molds.


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