the Manufacturing Process of Molded Stick Ice Cream

stick ice cream
stick ice cream

The manufacturing process of molded stick ice cream include 8 steps:

1. Filling the mold with partially frozen mix.

2. The filled molds are frozen to a consistency that can support a stick upright and then the stick is inserted.

3. Freezing proceeds further until a stiff consistency is obtained.

4. Demold the products. Demolding takes place by passing the molds through a warm brine zone where the outer layer of the products are softened enough so that the products can be removed from the molds. Then the products are removed from the molds by lifting them from the molds.

5. Then the removed products can be dipped in water, chocolate coating, and so on.

6. The coated products can then be dipped in candy, nuts, sprinkles, and so on, prior to packaging. Some coatings may require a refreezing of the product. This refreezing can be accomplished by immersion in liquid nitrogen. This step may be repeated several times to build up a thick layer of the coating.

7. Packaging with packing machine.

8. The packaged products are put into multipacks or cartons and sent for hardening.

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