the Raw Materials of Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone
ice cream cone

Ice cream is delicious. The combination of smooth ice cream and crispy cone is more wonderful! What are the raw materials of ice cream cone? There are dry ingredients and wet ingredients.

Dry ingredients: There are three main dry ingredients. Wheat flour, tapioca flour, and sugar are chosen for baking quality, strength, and relative sweetness, respectively. The quantity of sugar is a major distinguishing feature between cone types. Sugar and waffle cones are made of one-third sugar. Not only does this influence the sweet flavor, but it affects the brown finished color and the crispy texture. Cake cones have less than 5% sugar.

Wet ingredients(and others added with the wet materials): The wet ingredients include water, shortening (edible fat or grease), baking powder (a dry ingredient but one that begins to react as soon as it is mixed with water so it is added last to avoid contact with any moisture in the air), coloring, flavoring, and salt.

Before any liquid is added, air compressors are again used to mixed these dry ingredients in large coolers. The compressors are computer-controlled to regulate the quantities, and different combinations of ingredients are used to make waffle/sugar cones and cake cones, so separate coolers are used to mix each type. The combined dry ingredients are termed cone filler or cone batter. Some specialty suppliers premix cone filler and sell it to cone bakers.

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