Functions of Ice Cream Constituents

stick ice ceam
stick ice ceam

Milk Fat: Increases richness of flavor. Make ice cream taste smooth

Nondairy Fats: Provides good structure and texture. And cost lower than milk fat.

Milk Solids-Not-Fat (MSNF): Milk solids-not-fat contain the lactose, caseins, whey proteins, and minerals (ash content) of the product from which they were derived. They can improve the texture of ice cream. It may be a cheap source of total solids, especially whey powder.

Sugar: Improves the flavor and texture of ice cream. Make ice cream sweet. It can also lowers freezing point.

Corn Syrup Solids: It costs lower than sugar. And it can increase stability of the ice cream.

Stabilizers: They can enhance smooth texture. Enhance shelf life of ice cream.

Egg Yolk Solids: Improve whipping ability. And impart custard flavor.

Emulsifiers: Including natural, plant-derived ingredients like guar gum, xantham gum, and carageenan, are just another kind of emulsifier that manipulates ice cream texture. Promote fat destabilization, leading to dryness, smoothness, and good melting properties.

Flavoring: Meet the needs of consumers.

Coloring: Improve the attractiveness of ice cream.

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