Extruded Ice Cream

extruded ice cream
extruded ice cream

Extruded ice cream, for example, “funny face” ice cream, cake ice cream, sandwich ice cream, wave ice cream, log ice cream or any other abnormity ice cream. How are they made?

These ice cream products do not need to be pulled out of a mold, they are frozen by extrusion. In such a process, the shape is formed and sliced, either vertically or horizontally, that slice is further hardenend by passing it through a cold tunnel, and then syrup or nuts can be coated on it, it can be enrobed with chocolate sauce, or whatever is desired to give the final product. Horizontal extrusion is used to make the “chocolate bar analogue” type of products, while vertical extrusion is used to make everything from chocolate-enrobed ice cream slices to fancy-shaped ice creams on a stick. There are extrusion ice cream machines, we can also call them ice cream extruders. A complete ice cream extrusion line integrates the production units needed from raw material input to product wrapping, cartoning and storage. Assembly by cooling tunnel, extrusion head, ice cream cutter, stick inserter, manipulater, chocolate dipping tank, still packing machines.

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