Ice Cream Inspiration Comes from Famous People

ice cream inspiration
ice cream inspiration

Commercial ice cream makers may get a new ice cream inspiration from everywhere, sometimes it comes from famous people.

In July 2008, Sir Elton John was honored by Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream with an ice cream creation called “Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road”. Inspired by the first ever concert of Sir Elton in Ben & Jerry’s home state of Vermont, it was brought out in July 2008 for a limited period only with proceeds from sales going to the Elton John Aids Foundation. This rather special one-off ice cream consisted of chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, white chocolate chunks and butter brickle. Sounds truly delicious, isn’t it?

In August 2008, Baskin-Robbins used the US Presidential elections to inspire some of their new flavors. They came up with “Whirl of Change” for Barack Obama and “Straight Talk Crunch” for John McCain. The latter was a particularly delicious concoction of vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, almonds and caramel. It has been reported that McCain himself gave it a seal of approval by declaring “It’s delicious”.

Here are some more of Ben & Jerry’s ideas:

1. “Imagine Whirled Peace”

It inspired by John Lennon

This flavor contained caramel and sweet cream ice creams, fudge peace signs and toffee cookie pieces.

2. “Country Peach Cobbler”

The flavor inspired by Willie Nelson (a country singer) with some of the proceeds going to Farm Aid.

This flavor contained peach ice cream and cinnamon-sugar shortbread pieces.

3. “Magic Brownies”

The flavor inspired by The Dave Matthews Band

There were 2 different versions of this in fact – one in 2005 called “Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies” and the other in 2007 called “Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Encore Edition”.

The first flavor contained vanilla ice cream with swirls of raspberry and brownies

The second one contained black raspberry ice cream swirled with sweet cream ice cream and fudgy brownies.

4. “Americone Dream”

It inspired by Stephen Colbert (a comedian and journalist)

This flavor contained vanilla ice cream, fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl.

5. “Ethan Almond”

It inspired by Ethan Allen (early American Revolutionary)

The ice cream was created in 1988 in honor of the 200th anniversary of Allen’s death.

The flavor contained vanilla ice cream and chocolate covered almonds.

Have you got some inspiration from these stories? I hope these stories will be helpful in your ice cream business.

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