Special Ice Cream Kiosk Ideas

pink diamond ice cream kiosk
“pink diamond” ice cream kiosk

Gusto Gelato will run the “pink diamond” ice cream kiosk at Elizabeth Quay. The kiosk will cost about $1.8 million. The outlet will open its doors from April in the development’s figurative crowning jewel – a building inspired by the Argyle pink diamond.

Why ice cream distributors spend so much money and energy on ice cream kiosks? We have racked our brains trying to attract the attention of customers. Let’s take a look at some special ice cream kiosk ideas.

ice cream shop like a big cone
ice cream shop like a big cone

1. Big ice cream cone. When Long Island, New York’s bird-shaped Big Duck store was built in 1931 to sell ducks and duck eggs, it sparked the architectural term “duck,” used to describe buildings designed to look like what they sell. We have to accept that it’s a good idea.

Giovanni's Gelato
Giovanni’s Gelato

2. Enjoy Gelato on ice cream cone seats. Do you want to know the feeling that enjoy gelato on ice cream cone seats? Giovanni’s Gelato can meet your needs. The design of their ice cream shop is a cute pink truck, and the seats are ice cream cones. Amazing! Kids will like it.

Joe Deluccis Gelato
Joe Deluccis Gelato

3. Scooter and Gelato. Scooters are a very convenient means of transport in London. Joe Deluccis Gelato makes scooters as seating for their ice cream shop.

The concept for the brand
Ice Cream Billionaire Boys Club store Wonderwall Hong Kong

4. The concept for the brand. Incorporate your brand concept into the design, that will be impressive.

Of course, not just attract the attention of customers, the most important thing we have to do, is to ensure the quality of our ice cream products, isn’t it?

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