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How to make stick ice cream with different flavors

stick ice cream flavors
stick ice cream flavors

In ice cream plant, how to achieve mixed flavor ice cream? We can make several variations in the manufacturing process. For example, one-third of the mold can be filled with one flavor, partially frozen, and a second flavor added to make two-thirds of the volume, and finally another third of a different flavor can be layered on top prior to stick insertion. There is another instance that be called shell and core freezing. In this type of stick novelty the outside has a different flavor and product than the inside. This is achieved by filling the mold with one flavor and allowing that flavor to freeze along the inner edges of the mold, the unfrozen mix is aspirated from the mold followed by the filling of a second flavor or type of product. Freezing, sticking, demolding, and packaging then continues after these stages. By controlling the extent of product frozen in the mold prior to aspiration of the unfrozen mix different thicknesses of flavors can be achieved.

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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Self-Kindness in 15-Minutes a Day – by Andy Hayes

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Self-Care and Self-KindnessWhen it comes to self care and self-kindness, many of us find the options are few and far between if we don’t have a few hours to spare.

Self care, by definition, is “intentional action(s) you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health.”

Since each of us are in different states of physical, mental, or emotional health, the self care solutions can widely differ, and you don’t need hours a day to practice taking good care of yourself.

What we often say is “I don’t have time for self care.” But, it’s easy for this to really turn in to “I don’t deserve self care.” Which I’m here to tell you, isn’t true.

If you had a physical ailment and a friend told you that you should see a doctor, you wouldn’t say “I don’t deserve to see a doctor.” (You might say you don’t have…

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