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Ice Cream Tacos – A Taste Harmony

Ice Cream Tacos - A Taste Harmony

What is an ice cream taco?
A freshly baked waffle taco shell, stuff it with your favorite ice cream and then dip it into various chocolate or peanut butter dips.

So tasty, you’ll want to try them all. Continue reading Ice Cream Tacos – A Taste Harmony


History of Frozen Food


Freezing can keep foods fresh. Freezing foods slow down decomposition by turning residual moisture into ice, inhibiting the growth of most bacterial species. They are convenient, easy-to-prepare, nutritious, delicious, and they make our busy life-styles seem a bit easier. Frozen foods seem as if they were recently invented, but in fact, they have existed for a long time, much longer than you think. Continue reading History of Frozen Food