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Who introduced ice cream into Europe

Catherine de' Medici
Catherine de’ Medici

Ice cream has been introduced into Europe by Italian duchess Catherine de’ Medici in the 16th century. When she married the Duke of Orléans (Henry II of France) in 1533, she is said to have brought with her to France some Italian chefs who had recipes for flavoured ices or sorbets. Continue reading Who introduced ice cream into Europe


The First Ice Cream Machine

first ice cream machine
first ice cream machine

An ice cream machine is used to make ice cream. Do you know the origin of ice cream machine? Who made the first ice cream machine? Although, the history of ice cream is a messy one, today’s version, which has a smooth and soft texture, is a product of the continuous stirring of the mixture through the use of a simple machine called the ice cream maker. According to several writings, Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia received the first U.S. patent for a small-scale hand-cranked ice cream freezer, in 1846. Through the turning of the freezer’s handle the container of the mixture that is surrounded with a mixture of ice and salt was continuously stirred. With this process the mixture was prevented from instant freezing. The second type that came out in 1848 is similar to the first; a certain Mr. Young patented it on May 30, 1848. He called the ice cream maker “Johnson patent ice cream freezer.” However, it was said that it was the same freezer as the first that was patented because Nancy Johnson sold her rights to Mr. Young. There ever have a story, in 1782, Martha Washington left a bowl of sweet cream on the back steps of Mount Vernon one night, and the next morning discovered ice cream. Nice story, but not true. George Washington did have, described in his ledger, “a cream machine for ice.” Continue reading The First Ice Cream Machine