Snowball machinery is the best and the most comprehensive Chinese industrial ice cream solutions provider, we have probably the widest machine range between rotary or linear types, where is possible to choose the most suitable machine for our worldwide customers.Our ice cream equipment starts with raw material storage, continues through Material Pro-mix preparation to continuous freezing, inclusion s-ystems. Our production solutions include the moulding stick ice cream machine, filling ice cream machine, hardening tunnel an-d extrusion ice cream machine for make, cups, cones, logs, cakes, family packs, packaging of stick products,still final solutions of ice cream cartoners.We strive to be the best Chinese icecream machine supplier like Mark, Hoyer, WCB, Technogel, Gram, Laief, Teknoice.

Keywords of our products are Rollo stick(Bar,popsicle or say ice lolly) ice cream machine, continue freezers, ice cream filling machine, extrusion ice cream machine, gelato machine, Callipo filling machine, muti-lane(Muti-Channel) ice cream packing machine, ice cream packing machine, rotary ice cream filling machine,ice cream tunnel, pro-mix ice cream plant, aging vat, homogenizer, plate heat exchanger. ice cream parlor, ice cream showcase, soft ice cream machine, batch freezer, ice cream wrapper, cup, cone sleeve, callipo tube, ice cream mould. industrial ice cream machine, ice cream machinery, ice cream equipment, ice cream plant, ice cream processing machine, ice cream production line, etc.

welcom to http://www.snowballmachinery.com


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